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Thank you to the 19,320 people who voted for me! I will now be serving a four year term on the school board for Mesa County Valley School District 51. I look forward to working with the teachers, department heads, and community leaders to ensure a quality public education for our kids.

Please note: This website has served it’s need and has been “turned off.”

Thank you,

5 thoughts on “Home

    1. johnwilliamsforschoolboard Post author

      Hi Justin,
      I appreciate your support! We are still in the process of organizing the campaign, and setting up a PayPal account is on our list. In the meantime, donations can be mailed to:

      John Williams
      817 Falcon Way, #202
      Grand Junction, CO 81506

  1. johnwilliamsforschoolboard Post author

    Come to the Candidate Forum at CMU, September 23!

    Bumper stickers will be given to those who promise to enhance their favorite mode of transportation–car, bicycle, skateboard, horse…

    WHEN: Monday, September 23, 6:00PM (before the Broncos)
    WHERE: University Center Ballroom, Colorado Mesa University

  2. Denise Henning

    Hi John,
    As a former school board member I was so relieved to see you place your name in the running! I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ and let you know I am sending out scanned campaign literature I acquired to my contacts – asking them to join me and give you their vote.


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